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Why Choose Me to be Your Buyer's Agent and Your Real Estate Advocate?

First and foremost, there is no cost to you!!!

The Agent, unless specifically disclosed otherwise, represents the seller in any transaction for the sale of a home. It is that Agent's fiduciary duty (where their loyalty lies) to protect the seller's position at all times.

However, if you select me to be your Exclusive Buyer's Agent, then I put my training, knowledge, and negotiating skills to work for you.

Example: You see a house advertised in the newspaper, a home magazine, or the Internet. You contact the Listing Agent (this is who will be advertising the home) and make an appointment to see the house. The Agent is friendly, informative, and tells you what you believe to be everything about the house. The Agent represents the seller, not you.

"Okay," many buyers say, "so the Agent represents the seller and not me. Is that a big deal?" Maybe not, however the seller's agent cannot reveal certain things to you, the buyer:
* The reason for selling (unless the seller specifically authorizes it)
* Any concessions, in price or otherwise, that the seller may be willing to give up.
* Any information that could be detrimental to the seller, or give you, the buyer, an advantage. This would include a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) that could put the seller at a disadvantage.

Buyer Agency levels the playing field - To Your Competitive Advantage! As your Exclusive Buyer's Agent, I become YOUR ADVOCATE by:
* Developing a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis), revealing the listing and selling price of similar properties in the area.
* Leveraging information such as reasons for selling, potential concessions, and other relevant information that might not otherwise be disclosed to your negotiating advantage.
* Researching property value trends that may influence your decision to purchase in a certain area.

Summary: If I am your Exclusive Buyer's Agent, then I go to work to save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of your new home at no cost to you because the seller pays the commission. That is a deal that is too good to pass up!

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